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All-in-one team collaboration tool at small price !

Team messaging platform you can talk to each other and share links, photos, video, documents, through threads with everybody in your organisation. Your profile page allow you to post news and informations, and to follow what’s happening in your extended organisations without having to create different workspaces. You can organize events, run a calendar for your project and have videocall meeting in one click.

Storing and sharing documents is easy and you are not trapped in one tool as you can add external drives easily.

Use cases involve teams looking for an affordable all-in-one hub with visitors’ and partners’ access, extended organisations in multiple areas looking for alternative to Facebook Digital Workplace or Yammer.

Our pace of release is fast, and our ambition is to give you the best solution with the features you need the most at a flat price per user. No extended plan policies to make you pay double than what you originally intended!


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