Administrator’s role
If you are appointed as the netframe administrator of your organisation you will be able to manage the plateforme in a autonomous manner. Always inside a specified and legal legal framework, administrators are « pilotes on board " due to their access to the management of all users: working groups as well as managers, all having their rights and duties. The data belongs only to the client’s organization. Not any external person nor outside entity can make make use of the data owned by the organization (client of
Data and strategy
Administrators have access to all the statistical tools, a qualitative and quantitative view over the organization’s data.Thus using data and consider designing models, establishing projections, and set up strategies, also contribute to facilitating the decision-making process. Again, the administrator has access to the number of posts and tags, of connexions, routes of browsing, time spent, … on the platform. These data are sent to the owning entity, and protected by the law.
In order to remedy the one and only color of your platform which let you think that you always see the same boring homepage, create your space netframe changing the colors, the icons and many others features in a few clicks!
Groups: knowledge management and internal history
Create your workgroups and projects with chosen members. Discuss directly with one or several groups and post as many videos, documents, links that you need.
Project Management
Netframe is endowed of a project management tool integrating mainly a task administrator and schedule. Its technical features can easily be synchronized with other apps, in particular with Trello. order to implement short and long projects - no matter if theses projects are individual or collective, short or long to be implemented … all participate in shaping new modes management.
Find easily your files, post and store them on Netframe’s secured platform and share them with the colleagues that your choice. Thanks to Natframe’s Electronic document management (EDM - electronic document management) you will be able to, store, consult and modify all your documents. If needed, your netframe platform can be connected to other databases, i.e Google Drive !
Internal network
Manage from A to Z your groups, like, share, and comments and manage your community as well - remember that your comments and contributions are taking place within a professional framework and thus are considered of added value. They will highlight you and your ideas but also the collaborative contributions of working groups. Flows of exchanges are top to bottom and bottom up. Take advantage of a platform which aims to be simple helpful and intuitive, just try it !
Your profile in your professional environment
On netframe, your personal page is a space dedicated to your professional features - it qualifies your profile and can show part of your resume: major studies and graduated university, work experience and skills, position, business unit, major events attending, specific professional demands and search, city/country …. and other contact details: e mail, tel extension, office hours… It is also from this personal page that you get access to the platform users, as well as documents, collective and personal agendas.
Manage your time
Make sure to use all your agenda options in order to manage properly your time (meetings, business trips, )… But since this tool is collaborative, it also enables you to organize your time and coordinate with other users involved in the platform: it can prevent agenda conflicts and overlaps, organize day, week, month or year at individual or collective levels ! Despite this professional agenda, you will also enjoy creating your personal and family agenda (unshared and only seen by you).
Manage your space
Netframe’s mapping is a must because it tells you where your colleagues are, places they meet. With one click, you get every user full qualified information profiles. (getting access to legal professional data: photo, name, phone n° professional address business unit … ). A real time Who’s Who, can be set up according to your needs and chosen criteria (individual, group, geography business activity…). This tool also allows to manage information of groups or sub groups, according to their geography and take it into account. This tool not only contributes to your decision-making processes, and setting up strategies, regardless of hierarchical levels, but it also meets with Human Resources synergies.
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