About us develops Netframe, a collaborative platform for all companies, organizations or projects. We want to help you communicate, organize, co-create and organize your collective knowledge differently.

We have been established in Paris since 2018. We address all types of businesses and not just “digital” businesses.

The team behind the product

Valentin Przyluski

Valentin Przyluski

takes care of product vision and business development.

Julien Lanceraux

Julien Lanceraux

directs technical development.

We rely on our partner Benoît Thieulin for sales.

We have been supported by a small community of Angels since June 2019.


The Netframe platform respects the GDPR, not only by asking for your consent, but by limiting the collection of internal data to the strict need to improve the product, and by allowing you to use it without collection. This can sometimes offer a less good experience; We are doing everything to ensure that this is not the case, and we are considering the development of new features taking this into account.

We believe in interoperability; we ensure that your data is still available in a practically usable format in the (sad) event that you leave our services.

Our data is hosted by (see legal information).

Netframe updates and new features

We do several updates per year: approximately two substantial updates and regular minor updates. Anyone currently subscribed to Netframe benefits from it. We try to communicate them on our blog.

You can find our user manual.

In the meantime, if you want to contact us to ask for features or to report a bug, send us an email to

Technical requirements for Netframe

Netframe works on all types of devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops, on Window/Mac or Linux, Android or IOs in non-native format. Major browsers (after IE 4) are supported without any changes to the user experience. If this was not the case for your configuration and you have specific questions on this subject: contact us at

Legal information

You can find all the information here.

CGU/CGV and GDPR commitment will soon be available here. You can already find them in the settings menu of your Netframe platform.

For any questions about this,