All-in-One Workspace


Get organised by groups following your project structure and start uploading and sharing information. Engage the conversation in threads.


Different types, shared in different ways, but they ultimately are recorded following your workspace structure. Advanced search and tag base to find them easily. 20Go per user.


Connect your personal calendar (G calendar or outlook) with your Netframe calendar. Validate and move your documents effortless with our workflow manager. Setup your project with our task manager. Get notified for important events. Find easily internal contact information.

Social Network

Private Message, group conversation and a real enterprise social network to fuel your internal creativity and conversation.

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Threads and Private Messages

Discuss and share documents in threads and through private messages.

Profil et groupes

Each user and group owns a profile page.

Contact directory

Find easily key information about a user.

Social network

Real Time Text Editor

Edit in real-time with your colleagues on a markdown editor.

Files management

Your electronic document management system easily accessible and organised.

Files validation and history

Content management workflow Documents modification history.


Your calendar (sync with Outlook or G Calendar) A shared group calendar.

Advanced Search

Semantic search on conversations, posts, documents. With unlimited record.

Tasks management

Get the tasks done and the project sorted by allocating tasks.

Advanced admin panel

Profil fields, profiles categories, graphic customisation, invitations management, applications.


From 2 to 50, enjoy conf call (with screen sharing and optimised mobile access)

Connect your favorite applications

Ask us to connect your favorite work applications.


Get notified on your activity


Pin your groups, users, projects and more.

Access rights management

Remain in control of what everyone can do or see on the platform


At Energo we wanted to organise ourselves and to share files and discussion with our clients in a securised environment accessed through our website. Netframe helped us achieved both in a remarkable way. Guest's profile allow us to be in contact with our client. And Task Management has done a great deal in getting us organized in a simple way.

Guillaume Bertha

Head of Sales Energo

Keeping all our files in one place without using our personal emails or google accounts is great. We share and keep what needs be in an organized fashion

Stephane Lefevre

Brewer BBB

This tool helps to organize all the actors working with the community to better ensure alignment. It was difficult to convince our internal IT compliance to bring people in our own infrastructure. Netframe is the perfect tool to organize between organisations without getting your internal IT involved ! We have made great progress in getting things shared and done instead of dealing with IT issues.

Françoise Henry

Head of Community in Clichy/Bois

(Not) Frequently Asked Questions

Our tool is designed for the many not the few. Easy to use, easy to start, easy to leave if you are unhappy. We have tried to incorporate everything you need to start your workspace journey at the better price. We are like you we know how difficult it is to know exactly what you need. Trust us we have done it for you.

We take great pride in working with our own managed infrastructure (aka we do not send you on any cloud paas as others). We take great care of your data, we can ensure encryption if you want to, and we will make sure you can leave with all your data without problem.

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