Netframe, Collaborative Solution
at the center of your productivity

Netframe is a collaborative platform used by organizations that eases internal exchanges and group work.
Thanks to Netframe internal communication is simplified. Involve your employees, teams, partners as well as whole professional network to be as productive as possible.
Developed and housed in France, our solution ensures the safety of your data. No commercial exploitation of it is possible, you are on your turf.

8 good reasons to use Netframe     


You work in geographically distant places and some of your collaborators are teleworking.


Your current intranet is obsolete and abandoned by its users.


Your email inbox is overflowing.


You spend too much time in meetings.


You want your employers to get more involved and encourage group work within the organisation.


You need to efficiently target your internal communication.


You want to optimise your productivity and the organisation.


You would like to rationalise and centralise your internal communication tools and exchanges.


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