Simplify teamwork:
Collaborate, Communicate, Organize.

Netframe is an open-source and sovereign digital workplace solution available in SaaS, on premise or edge cloud.
From 3 euros per month.

Digital Workplace
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Engage your team, your partners and your customers in a space designed for you and in your image


Corporate social network

Liven up your work community on an internal social network.

Organize yourself using a simple animation tool, with fine management of user rights and easy monitoring of internal activation.

Réseau social d'entreprise
Interface de déploiement

Advanced Intranet​

Your logo, your images, your profile and cover photos, your profile typologies, your group names, your connection backgrounds, your theme, your color choices, your initial resource library.
At home, administer by you in complete autonomy.

Digital workspace

Digital workspace

Email and instant messaging. A drive to save your documents. A calendar. An office suite for working. A video tool. A shared-editing notes tool. And collaborative spaces. What more?

Manage your deployment mode and security

Netframe offers cloud usage using 100% sovereign infrastructure and European hosting.

Sécurité utilisateur

Your public cloud, private cloud or On-Premise provider

Deploy Netframe easily on your own IS, in your private cloud, on the public cloud of your choice or on your (on-premise) hosting infrastructure.
You thus respect your cybersecurity issues, your certification choices and maintain control of your IS.

Interface de déploiement

Edge cloud

Deploy Netframe on dedicated infrastructure that we provide, and which you can place wherever you want. Everything is managed in-house and based in Europe, from software design to hardware, ensuring you have full control of data and sessions, without requiring any additional administration on your part!

Interface de déploiement

SaaS, on our cloud

We host your platform on our 100% sovereign infrastructure in Europe.

Netframe for all sectors

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Working well as a team whatever the working methods, and everyone’s schedules, starts with good internal communication, and a place to find your documents, your projects, your discussions.
You can also choose our suite of tools (mail, drive, video, documents) to become your IS (VSE/SME offer).

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To communicate better internally or to manage your external stakeholders without opening your information system, choose an open source collaborative platform developed in France.
Show your choice of independence to GAFAM!
We are referenced by UGAP.


Professional networks, federations, territorial projects, trustees, development projects, sports associations, educational communities, activists…
Give yourself an effective network to mobilize your community, and offer them a suite of tools!

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Sensitive industry and professions

Private 5G, security issues requiring everything to be located as close as possible to users, in various contexts (rolling, security cabinet, etc.), need for an application that can be used everywhere, robust and respecting your security issues and methods.
Data and session data (video, emails, etc.), everything remains under control at home. We also provide equipment (edgepod) if necessary.

Engage your community

Engage your community by promoting open communication and collaboration, regardless of how your members work (teleworking, hybrid mode in the office or on site). Create an inclusive environment where everyone feels heard and valued, by organizing events and activities that encourage the exchange of ideas, adapted to different schedules and workplaces. Encourage a culture of sharing and cooperation to drive innovation and creativity, while providing a suite of open source and sovereign tools for work, reflecting your values and commitment to your members.

Build loyalty among your employees

Develop your employees’ loyalty with quality tools that promote effective real-time and asynchronous collaboration. Intuitive communication platforms encourage the exchange of ideas and collective problem solving, fostering a flexible and inclusive work culture. Asynchronous collaboration allows everyone to work at their own pace, improving employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Accelerate the efficiency of your employees

Optimize the efficiency of your employees with powerful tools: project management, internal search engine and centralized directory. These tools facilitate planning, monitoring and collaboration on tasks, allow you to quickly find the necessary information, simplify the onboarding of newcomers and offer local support to quickly resolve problems.


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Choosing a digital workspace

Why choose Netframe?

Netframe is a sovereign and open-source digital workplace. Our team supports you in your preferred deployment mode according to your conditions and your level of security.

You choose your deployment mode. Netframe offers several simple and easy deployment modes, depending on your infrastructure and your security level.

The netframe code (excluding css) is available on our github repository.
It allows you to see how netframe is developed.
Netframe is licensed under AGPL.

Netframe is a unified communications tool. Instant messaging, video, drive, microblogging and sharing. You can deploy it in the cloud, in a local network, hybrid from all types of objects (smartphone, RPI, etc.). Our role: unified communication.

Netframe is now deployed up to email and is an alternative to Microsoft 365 and Nextcloud. While providing a more unified experience. We are FREE for the Education sector and Associations.

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