Netframe.co develops Netframe, an All-in-One Workplace for everybody to help communication and people getting organised in their projects, organisations or entreprises through new generation documentation and workflow. We are based in Paris. Netframe.co company officially launched in 2018. We are commited in adressing everybody and not only digital first businesses.

People behind the company

Valentin Przyluski is in charge of business development and product management.
Julien Lanceraux is leading the technical development.

We are actively supported in sales by our co-founders Alexandre Afchain and François Toros. We rely on an amazing set of individuals for design and technical development. We are proud to be supported by a community of Angels since June 2019.


We are RGDP compliant in our product, not only in recording your consent but, allowing you to have a non tracked experience. You can experience a downgraded user experience if you decide to choose this option, we apologize and do our best to provide a privacy centric experience.

We strongly believe in itneroperability, so we make sure all your data are always avalaible in suitable formats may you decide to leave us.

Data is hosted by OVH (see legal infos).

Product Updates

We run several updates throughout the years : around two majors ones and regular minor ones. We communicate them through our blog. We aim at publishing our roadmap and documentation soon (when we have time to do it in an efficient and satisfactory way). Meanwhile if you want to reach us for bugfixing or features requests, email us tech@netframe.co.

We operate in SaaS : you always have the latest version of Netframe on your screen.

Netframe Requirements

Netframe is working on all devices type (smartphones, tablets, laptops, personal computers), on Windows / Mac or Linux through webbrowsers after IE 4. Main browsers (Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Edge) and OS configurations are supported without any change of user's experience. If you are experimenting troubles in your own setup please reach us tech@netframe.co.

Legal Informations

You can find all our legal informations just here.

Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy will soon be available here. You can find them at any time in the Settings section of Netframe platform.

For all requests please reach us contact@netframe.co